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Best Cannabis SanitationProducts in San Bernardino

In today’s world, sanitation is of paramount importance, especially in businesses like yours. BP Distributions offers a range of essential protective gear to keep your staff and customers safe.

In these times, maintaining personal hygiene and health is more crucial than ever. Our Sanitation category equips you with essential tools to safeguard against harmful germs and bacteria. With infectious diseases at the forefront, we provide peace of mind and a healthier environment for you and your community.

Disposable Face Masks

Cover up with our Disposable Face Masks, crafted for comfort and protection. Breathable and efficient, these masks are ideal for daily wear, protecting you from airborne particles. Whether you’re a budtender or a customer, these masks ensure safety without compromising style.

Hand Sanitizer

Keep your hands clean on-the-go with our Hand Sanitizer. Designed to eliminate germs without drying out your skin, our sanitizers are perfect for use in dispensaries or any social setting. Let’s maintain proper hand hygiene without compromising on convenience.

Nitrile Gloves

Dispensary staff, rejoice! Our Nitrile Gloves offer the perfect balance of protection and dexterity. These durable, latex-free gloves allow you to handle products safely and efficiently, ensuring a smooth customer experience.

Latex Powder Gloves

Our Latex Powder Gloves are a versatile option for various tasks. From bud handling to packaging, these gloves provide excellent tactile sensitivity and protection. They fit like a second skin, making your work hassle-free and efficient.

We take pride in being more than just a cannabis packaging and wholesale dispensary supply store. Our Sanitation category showcases our commitment to your well-being. Inland Empire and San Bernardino trust us for high-quality products that promote safety and cleanliness. Embrace a healthier lifestyle with our Disposable Face Masks, Hand Sanitizer, Nitrile, and Latex Powder Gloves. Remember, staying safe doesn’t have to be complicated – it starts with choosing the right supplies.


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