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Custom Tamper Evident Labels


Secure your products with our Custom Tamper Evident Labels! Personalize them with your branding and ensure peace of mind for your customers. Easily identify any tampering attempts and build trust in your products.

Introducing our highly effective Custom Tamper Evident Labels, designed to protect your products and instill confidence in your customers. These labels are specifically engineered with advanced tamper-evident features, providing a visible indication of tampering attempts. With customizable options, you can incorporate your brand logo, product information, and any other relevant details to maintain a cohesive and professional look. Our tamper-evident labels are equipped with innovative technologies such as frangible materials, security cuts, or holographic patterns, making any unauthorized access or tampering immediately visible. This helps safeguard the integrity of your products and assures your customers of their safety. Our labels are easy to apply and cannot be removed without leaving a clear and noticeable residue or voiding message. By utilizing our Custom Tamper Evident Labels, you demonstrate your commitment to quality control, product authenticity, and customer satisfaction. Enhance consumer trust, deter counterfeiting, and protect your brand reputation with these highly reliable and customizable labels.


Small (5ml – 7ml), Large (1oz – 3oz)


100, 250, 500, 1000, 2500

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